Employee for Java SE Universal Subscription

In March 1st 2023 Oracle changed the way it licenses it Oracle Java products. This is the biggest licensing change for the company in over 20 years. Since Oracle moved from a Concurrent licensing for Database technology licensed to a Named User/ Processor based Metric.


Before March 2023, customers were able to license Java by Named User and Processor, in-line with their standard technology licenses, for Database and Middleware products. (If you have already bought this type of license for Java, we understand that Oracle will allow you to continue buying that metric)  

The main options customer when staying compliant in the Java usage is to buy a subscription for all employees in the organization regardless where the product is installed or in use, or remove/replace  Java or use an alternate Java supplier, Amazon, Azul, RedHat for example.

Customer can also move for free, OpenJDK, or stay with older versions of Java that are covered by the BCL.  

If the customer is already using Oracle Products some come with licenses that can be used for free. For applications: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase/approved-product-use-list.html and the same applies for FMW and Application server products: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24329_01/doc.1211/e41349/products2.htm#FMWLC975

Just one licensable copy of Java anywhere on the customers estate would require a subscription for all employees, making it imperative that customers check what products they have installed. Contact us now to see how we have helped 100’s of customers through the maze of Oracle Java Licensing.

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